How to Generate More Sales in Singapore: 18 Ecommerce Websites Design & SEO Tips

Need some help with ecommerce websites design or SEO to increase online sales? Here are a few tips on how to generate more sales in Singapore!

Are you in the middle of the process of creating a new online store or ecommerce site? If you are, keep reading this article and find out everything you need to know about ecommerce websites design, user experience, content, and social media.

We will help you discover how can you generate more sales in Singapore. All you need to do is follow these 18 ecommerce websites design & SEO tips:

1. Have a clear layout: Less is more and you should remember this when designing your ecommerce website. You need to avoid bombarding your website visitors with unnecessary details and overcrowded pages. how  to create a store of your own that reflects the personality of your business.

2. Show reviews: You need to showcase the feedbacks and comments of your previous buyers to reassure potential customers and build trust in your online store, brand, and the products you sell. 

3. Look at the industry leaders: If you want to succeed in the ecommerce world, you need to know what competitors and industry leaders are doing. Can you use or implement any similar methods or techniques on your website?

4. Use a simple sign-on: You need to make it super easy for your new and returning customers to create an account, sign in, and access the account. If you use a simple sign-on, your customers will appreciate it.

5. Include an internal search engine: You can add a search function to your website to simplify and improve navigation. Contextual search is perfect for previewing your items.

6. Use clean and simple forms: We advise you to simplify your form structure. The unnecessary and lengthy fields will only frustrate the users and cause them to leave your store.

7. Add calls-to-action: Did you know that emphasized call to action can increase conversions? Add calls-to-action now!

8. Remove thin content: Add descriptive and rich content to provide visitors with important information.

9. Regularly add new content: The online visitors and potential buyers who visit your website may leave if they notice that your social channels, blog, and forums are outdated.

10. Split test content & designs: We recommend you to split test your website content and design to see which is better.

11. Optimize your conversion rates: You can use content experiments and take advantage of Google Analytics to improve your website, maximize sales, traffic, and profits.

12. Improve your website’s speed: If you want your website to load quickly, you can compress videos, photos, and other files. You need to make sure your website runs as fast as possible.

13. Optimize your presence in search engines: Your online store should appear in search engine results. This is a must if you want to generate more sales.

14. Use social media feeds: You can add a Twitter or Instagram feed to your website and make sure that they work at all times. Also, you should add sharing buttons so your visitors can share the content from each page.

15. Make social media posts non-promotional: Create interesting and fun posts, pins, tweets, and stories that aren’t focused on your products and services. You need to tailor the content to the interest of the target group.

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16. Check for broken links: You need to make sure all links are working properly and are directing visitors to what they are looking for.

17. Connect pages together: Interlinked pages should be listed on main pages to motivate people to view more.

18. Have a solid URL structure: Don’t forget to optimize your URLs by including important keywords.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to generate more online sales and maximize your profit in Singapore.